Lynford is a co-educational, multi-cultural independent school situated in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands of South Africa.

We offer a wholesome education for children from Grade R to Seven with a conscious slant towards educating in our incredible outdoor environment. Lynford is able to offer a variety of learning opportunities in extraordinarily beautiful surroundings. Our environment is therefore at the very core of what we do and developing a sense of responsibility towards the protection of our environment is a focal point in our school. We are proud to have been awarded our Green Flag Status and we have a very comprehensive Enviro Programme running in each grade. Whether exploring the streams, climbing a tree or studying the endangered Blue Swallow, Lynford offers opportunity for everyone. 

Yesterday’s values; Today’s education; Tomorrow’s leaders.

At Lynford, we strive to provide a multitude of life-shaping experiences that will allow our children to leave us as compassionate, confident and capable contributors to society. We are a registered non-profit organisation (097-224-NPO) and all of our funds are used to create the high level of education for which we have become known. 

“ the quality of teaching and learning has emerged as outstanding, gauged against best international practice, Lynford is indeed a superb school. The professionalism, expertise and enterprising approaches of the highly committed staff; the pupil’s responses to their teachers and eagerness to make the most of the wonderful learning opportunities provided, and the parents’ enthusiastic support, in many ways, characterize Lynford.”

Dr Manfred Schroenn, IQAA report

As a Christian Based School, we are acutely aware of other religions and beliefs, and accommodate people of all ethnic and religious groups. We believe that we all can and should live by our set of Timeless Principles.


 Lynford’s Timeless Principles 

There is one God

Your life has greater purpose than just having fun

Be honest and trustworthy

Be well organised

The greatest joy of your life will come as you help others 

Read books of all genres

The people around you have needs, be respectful and considerate of them 

Be responsible, reliable and dependable 

Seek to be excellent in all that you do

There are absolutes. Some things are just plain wrong 

Be hardworking and diligent

Express appreciation for things done for you

Be kind and thoughtful

Let your family know that you love them

Be a real friend to your brothers and sisters 

Be enquiring


Our values are based on Christian Values and the Lynford’s Timeless Principles.


While building children, in a balanced, wholesome environment, we strive to provide a world class education while maintaining a financially sustainable school.