Bursary Programme

At Lynford, we believe that we need to teach our children about the importance of giving back and, in doing so, helping to develop our community.

We currently run various programs during the year and have formed a partnership with less privileged schools in our area, where we provide them with materials and expertise according to their different needs. We also offer a comprehensive bursary programme; at present, 25% of our student body enjoy considerable financial support. This partnership has afforded previously disadvantaged children the opportunity to attend our school and enjoy the standards synonymous with Independent Education.

Our community is feeling the pressure of a down-turn in the economy and many families, and therefore Lynford School, are becoming more reliant on outside funding. Our current bursary funding, combined with our own substantial fundraising initiatives, is not meeting the demand for financial assistance from the community that we serve.

We are very grateful to Trimborn and AFGRI for their generous support of our bursary programme but we do require additional funds to cope with the demand.

If you or your company are able to assist in any way with our bursary programme, please make contact with our school and we will supply you with any further information that you may require. With your help, we have the ability to change lives.