School Newsletter Term 2 June 2018

Dear Parents

As we close the door on another successful term at Lynford, and children and parents eagerly await the arrival of their 1st semester reports, I would like us all to pause for a moment to reflect on what is truly important in the education of our children; children who are going to grow up in the unique South African context with all the opportunities and challenges that this entails. While proficiency in our academic curriculum remains vitally important and a major focus area for us at Lynford, ‘educating’ modern children requires so much more than Maths and Science.

The modern workplace is hiring good people over good skills with the idea being that they can teach the right person the required skills far easier than they can teach a skilled employee how to be a good person. While Literacies remain important, far more emphasis is being placed on Competencies (critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration) and Character Qualities (curiosity, initiative, persistence, adaptability, digital self-control, leadership, social and cultural awareness). As parents and teachers, we need to embrace the need to develop these in our children and ensure that we are providing ample opportunity for the children to practice and develop these skills both at school and at home.

At Lynford, we are challenging the educational norms of the past few decades and we are looking for ways to incorporate more of this style of education into our school environment. In the modern workplace and particularly in south Africa, if you don’t have resilience, if you are not able to adapt, if you are not able to work effectively with others who are different to you, if you cannot accept and celebrate cultural difference, your chances of success will be slim.

In light of the above, when you open your child’s report by all means celebrate the successes and encourage your children where improvement is required. However, I would like to remind you of the principles that encompass a growth mindset.

According to CS Dweck, in her book Mindset, all people can be divided into two groups; those with a fixed mindset and those with a growth mindset. Fixed mindsetters believe that we are born with a certain level of skill and ability. They accept that they are good at some things and will never be good at others. Fixed mindsetters share this view about others as well. This has huge implications for teachers and parents. A teacher or parent that believes that a child has certain abilities that cannot be changed will therefore categorise children into groups and teach them accordingly. “I’m not worried about Tim’s low maths mark because he just does not have the ability.”

Growth mindsetters have a distinctly different view on our ability to learn. They agree that certain people find certain things more challenging than others, but they believe that with hard work and a positive attitude, all people have the ability to GREATLY improve on their effectiveness.

Children with a fixed mindset will give up easily when faced with something they find difficult. If they are judged on their ability, which they believe is fixed, they would rather not attempt a difficult problem for fear of failure. “If I do this and get it wrong I have failed, so I’d rather not try and then nobody can say I can’t do it.” Children with a growth mindset are more likely to attempt difficult problems, they often enjoy the challenge, because they feel that they are not judged on their innate ability, but rather on the effort that they have put into the task. “I’m going to give this a try, even if I get it wrong I will still learn something in the process.”

How do we then develop the growth mindset in children? This is a very complex idea and I would encourage parents to read ‘Mindset’, but for a start, we must reward and encourage the process rather than the final product. Here is a simple example: Your child comes home with 80% for a maths test and you compliment the child by saying, “Wow Tim, what a great mark, you are brilliant at maths.” This sounds like a wonderful compliment but what you are doing is suggesting that his achievement is the result of his innate ability. If he then gets a lower mark for a test he will also believe that this is a result of his ability. “I got 80% because I was clever, now I got 50% so I am …….” No child wants to believe that they don’t have the ability so they will now start to blame anything but themselves. “My friends were making a noise, it was too hot, I was feeling sick”.

A far better compliment would be to say, “Wow Tim, what a great mark, you must have really worked hard for that test.” If there is now a drop in the child’s marks the child can rationalise it by saying that he did not achieve because he did not work hard enough, rather than because he does not have the ability. Children with this mindset are far more likely to take responsibility for their success or failure and not blame it on others.

Once again, a growth mindset proportions far more value to competencies and character qualities rather than to knowledge and skills. I would like to encourage all families to spend some time this holiday considering how we can develop and promote the growth mindset in our children.


Thank you all for the wonderful support over the past term; I wish you a restful and well-earned holiday with your families. God Bless.


 Grade RR (Sprouts): Mrs Claire Lister & Mrs Candice Talbot

This term has been a fantastically adventurous one for the Sprouts. For many of us, it all began with a night relay through the forest with our parents. It was very different running with a headlamp, but we had so much fun. It was also really exciting playing soccer on the field with our friends after we had run, while our parents cooked us supper.

A few weeks later we embarked on our Watt Trek, loaded with backpacks filled with essentials needed for the taxing two kilometre hike to the pylon on top of the hill. Along the way we investigated different spoor and big holes, some of which we were sure belonged to dinosaurs. Once we had reached the top we stopped for a picnic, after which we began our descent. We were very glad to have reached the safety of school after such an arduous journey.

In the classroom this term, we have learnt all about our senses, the four seasons, wild animals, creepy crawlies and birds. For Time2Read we have been practising our rhyming words, and if you happen to bump into us on the corridor and ask which words rhyme with tap, we will tell you that rap, cap, lap and gap all rhyme with tap.

Towards the end of the term we did an obstacle course, which involved a run from the preschool to the field where we had to go through lots of obstacles before we reached the end. It was especially exciting because usually we aren’t allowed to run in the road or crawl under our desks, but today we could.

Bargain Books came to school this term, and we had so much fun carefully choosing a book and paying for it all on our own. A man from DogzCool also came to visit and brought all his dogs with him. Most of them are world champions and showed us some amazing tricks. We are now planning our world famous acts with our own dogs, if only they’d listen.



Sprogs: Mrs Kim Shewan

We have had a busy time in the Sprogs classroom with lots on the go. We started our term with the theme occupations. We were lucky enough to have a few different community members visit us and tell us all about what their job entails. Kim, a beauty therapist, did a facial on one of the children, and we all got to paint our nails. Futhi, a pharmacist, explained very carefully what she does. Scott brought us seedling trees when he was chatting about being a forester. We also had a physio, a vet and a dentist visit us. This was definitely a highlight for the Sprogs and they thoroughly enjoyed listening to the various speakers. Our next theme has been learning about our senses. We got to touch different textures in our sensory trays and loved the colourful spaghetti and oats. We used our sense of smell to identify different fragrances and went on a texture walk. We have also spent some time on the seasons and weather, and we have created a beautiful 4 season tree in art. We are busy learning all about the farm this week and will be creating scarecrows and farmyards this week.

Our literacy program is progressing rapidly now as we have covered 15 sounds of the alphabet. The children are loving the letterland characters and are beginning to blend 3 and 2 letter words. Our numeracy program has also been busy with lots of counting and we are now able to write all our number symbols to 10. We have introduced addition this term and the children have enjoyed using concrete items to problem solve.

We were blessed with beautiful weather on our hike and the children were incredibly motivated and cheerful throughout the walk. They thoroughly enjoyed walking through the trees and they ended the hike in high spirits. All in all it has been an exciting and memorable term.


Grade 1: Mrs Candice Botha

We certainly have had a jam packed term, and my Grade One children have risen to the occasion so well. They have all grown up so much and are taking all this ‘big school’ stuff in their stride.

On the academic side, we have been working very hard and are making good progress in our syllabus. In Maths we are working on fully understanding addition and subtraction and exploring all the different methods we can use to solve these problems, as well as the relationship between these two types of equations. Our favorite activity is to do Maths ‘treasure hunts’ around the school. In our Literacy, we are flying through our sounds and sight words. We and have learnt about ‘house sounds’ and ‘smile sounds’ and the children are applying their knowledge so well in their reading and spelling. We have started writing short sentences and the children are doing so well.

The children loved the NEWS walk to school and skipped along happily. A real highlight for them all was the Dog Show and I’m sure many of them went home determined to train their own dogs to do tricks.

We had a lovely outing to Pietermaritzburg where we had the most wonderful morning at the Natal Museum. Mr. Botha, aka Roy Ranger, had us all completely entranced with stories of Jabu, the heroic queen of the Elephants. The story was about a terrible drought in Ixopo and how Jabu, along with the help of Roy Ranger, saved all the elephants with her own tears. After the stories, the children had great fun exploring the exhibitions.  The dinosaur area, bushman cave and taxi were firm favourites. The museum is really worth another visit if you are looking for an outing to do with your child during the holidays. The exhibitions are of an excellent standard and it is extremely reasonable.



Grade 2: Mrs Diane Warmington

Wow what a busy term we have had!

We have begun learning how to multiply and divide which was a bit tricky at first, but now that we are learning how to count in 2’s, 3’s and 4’s – it has become a bit easier, especially if you do the macarena dance while counting!

We have also learnt how to tell the time and are becoming experts at telling the time on the hour and half hour.

In English we have continued with our phonic sounds and have been learning our extra vowel sounds. We are loving reading, especially our set book – The Magic Faraway tree. We will be sad when we get to the end of it.


Our topic this term was: The Sea

We have learnt all about what people did on a day out at the beach 100 years ago. Their swimming costumes were very funny. We have learnt all about sea creatures and most importantly, we have learnt how to take care of our ocean for future generations to enjoy. We had a wonderful day exploring the rock pools, building sandcastles and eating ice-creams. We found amazing rock pool creatures, including eels, octopus and sea slugs. Some of us were brave enough to have an octopus on our heads! The highlight of the day for the girls was burying Mr Botha in the sand and turning him into a mermaid! We have had a fun yet productive term and look forward to Term 3 and the adventures it will bring.


Grade 3: Miss Bianca English

This certainly was a busy term and we cannot believe that 11 weeks have gone by, where has the time gone? We went to visit the African bird of Prey Sanctuary on our excursion and what an exciting day the Grade Three children had. With the assistance of Miss Williams, we ventured into Pietermaritzburg and were given an opportunity to see a wide range of endangered birds that have been injured due to poisonings and traffic accidents. They are rehabilitated so that they can return to their natural environment. It was a hit with the children and they were captivated by the different owls, vultures, hawks and eagles that they got to see. They learnt a great deal about them and for many of our children this was the first time they had ever seen any predatory birds up close.  The Grade Three’s loved this particular outing as they also got to see a bird show which taught them the differences between the various birds of prey, and they got to see some of the birds in action. We really loved our outing!


We went on our Fiery Trek this term and it was quite literally fiery, particularly with the foresters burning brushwood. We had Mr Botha accompany us, which was amazing, and the Grade Three’s thoroughly enjoyed having him lead us on our hike. It was quite a long distance for the Grade Three’s to walk and despite the hot weather and tired limbs, they accomplished their goal. I was immensely proud of these very special children and I commend them for never giving up, and reaching their goal. A highlight of course, was a cool dip in the dam in the very chilly water. Mr Botha was very popular for having suggested this and the Grade Three’s had an enormously successful and fun filled day. This really was a wow day for me, as it was just a reminder of how much learning takes place outside of the classroom and how blessed we are to have a school that allows us to plan activities in the beautiful grounds and lands that surround us. The subsequent mud fights in the dam were also just a reminder of how children love to be kids they could fool around and have good clean fun without the presence of technology.


The Grade Three’s have been learning about money this term and Miss Williams has really sparked their interest in this particular topic, by introducing Lynford’s very own grocery shop! The children have eagerly been collecting boxes and tins and various other products that are found in actual shops and then they have researched the prices so that they have a realistic view of what things actually cost. They then go shopping during their maths lessons and are able to work out if they have enough money and whether or not their change is correct. This has been a lot of fun and I am sure Miss Williams has been enjoying herself just as much. Who said learning couldn’t be fun?


Lastly, I am incredibly proud of how diligent the children in this class have become. They have become so responsible and their creative writing pieces, as well as their reading, continues to improve in leaps and bounds. They are attentive and enthusiastic during our lessons and they have taken so much pride in the work that they produce. They have put in lots of hard work this term and I wish them a happy and safe holiday!


Grade 4: Mrs Candice Moodley

We have completed another very successful and exciting term. The highlight for this term was our trip to Roselands and our children learnt so much. They were put through their paces with the mud marathon and had to brave the freezing cold while jumping into even colder water to complete the dam activities. However, they all had fun while doing it. This tied in nicely with our HSS curriculum as well as with our Bushman Day. For the first time ever we were able to have “Nou”, a real Bushman from Roselands, join us on this day. He taught us many practical things, but more importantly, told stories that kept our children entertained.

We have enjoyed a good term of Maths, learning the more challenging concepts of long multiplication and division, which has had us all glued to the carpet and learning from each other.

With the close of another term, I can honestly say it’s been a challenge trying to fit everything in. However, it has been a most enjoyable one, connecting with the children on completely new levels.


Grade 5: Mrs Michelle Chaperon

The Grade 5 class has had a very busy second term. In Social Science they have spent time studying South Africa’s topography, its provinces, as well as climate and weather. The highlight of this section was building their own wind anemometer with which to record the wind speed for their weather charts.


They ended the term with an amazing three-night trip away at Zingela. Over half the children in the class had their first experience sleeping in a tent – which they first had to erect!! The days were filled with a number of team work activities and challenges, each being a lesson on communication, working together and co-operation. Free time swimming and fishing in the Tugela River, playing games around the campsite, or just chatting around the fire were special relaxing times spent with classmates and teachers. Two hikes were definitely highlights. One was very early in the morning, when the class set off over the frosty grass just as it was getting light and the sun was about to rise. The second was a night walk. This proved to be a real challenge to some of the children, as they were separated for a period of time in the still, quiet darkness, with only the stars above and darkness around them. This time of solitude was a highlight for many of the children. Another highlight was an activity where children had to “hunt” with a bow and arrow they had made, gather fruit and vegetables, collect wood, make a fire, and then cook their own lunch. This was a group work activity, and proved to be a real challenge to some. At the same time, this activity was listed as many of the children’s trip highlight.

We are looking forward to all the challenges and opportunities which await us in the third term.


Grade 6: Mr Mark Chaperon

The Grade 6 class has worked very hard in the classroom this term. A section on the history of the Zulu nation has been a highlight of the term’s studies in HSS. This will be continued next term culminating in a tour to relevant historical sites in Northern KZN.

The Science lessons included a section on the Water and Carbon cycle during which a model of the water cycle was successfully created in the classroom. This section also led onto important discussions around the precious resource our water is for us and the need for its conservation in the light of our present national water crisis.

Opportunities for creativity were afforded through the presentation of poems for an English oral and the singing of the Afrikaans folk song “Sarie Marais” for the Afrikaans Drama en Kultuur dag. The class has a number of budding musicians who provided accompaniment on their guitars for the song and all the children deserve commendation for their enthusiastic and rousing rendition of this South African classic. The activities on the day included preparing traditional food and the class enjoyed syrup laden vetkoek.

A term that has included Sani2c and a busy sports programme flew by in something of a blur at times, but this class showed its resilience and strength of character throughout.


Grade 7: Mr Clyde Moodley

The Grade 7 class experienced a busy, yet productive term. They enjoyed working hard at both Joburg2c and Sani2c to raise funds for their upcoming Botswana tour in September.

The classroom was also a buzz of activity as the children were able to effectively integrate technology into their learning. This was evident in the beautiful powerpoint presentations and research assignments created. The move towards more skills based and concrete learning has been a highlight this semester, as the children were able to see and apply their knowledge in a more practical context.

Exam preparation was the key focus of the term, with the children putting strategies and timetables in place in order to maximise their time. The skills that they learned from the exam process will stand them in good stead leading into the remainder of the year, and high school thereafter.

For many of the young men and woman of Grade Seven, reality has begun to set in as, one by one, they have started making final high school choices for 2019. As the second half of the year approaches, the Grade Sevens are strongly encouraged to make the most of every opportunity on offer as they enter their final semester at Lynford.



We would like to congratulate the following girls on representing KZN in the National Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition: Bella Botha, Georgia Foster,  Sibonga Hadebe,  Sinqobile Mthalane, Ashley Strachan, Anjé Venter, Kayte’lee Biggar, Chanel Dennis, Emma Eaglestone, Cara Macfarlane, Rachael Mackenzie, Erin Smith, Zama Hadebe, Emma Strachan and Lauren Wetherill.



Grade 1 Mini Hockey – Miss Ashton Jackson and Miss Jenna Williams

Our first time hockey players had a wonderful season.  The girls worked hard, and certainly played hard too!  With each practise and match, their skills improved, and from the very first festival in Underberg their teamwork was impressive.  This talented little team always gave of their best and never failed to have a winning attitude, even when the going got tough.  The season ended on an absolute high, with a very successful festival at Epworth (their first astro experience).  We have thoroughly enjoyed watching the girls develop into passionate hockey players and are very proud of their achievements.  Well done and thank you to the parents for their constant support.


Grade 2 Hockey – Miss Linda Dongo

Our season has been awesome! This season has been made up of hard work, team effort, fun, learning basic skills and trying our very best to wrap our heads around understanding the different positions. We have faced different teams during our matches, tough teams, fast teams and all the expected and unexpected in hockey; however, not with fear but with great determination and love for the game. We have learned to lose and win with good sportsmanship, which could not have been possible without great support from the girl’s families, who have supported us whenever we have been. Thank you.


U9 Hockey – Mrs Diane Warmington

I have thoroughly enjoyed coaching these young ladies. Despite a slow season, these ladies have continued to be happy and enthusiastic about the game.  Well done team!


U10 Hockey –  Mr Clyde Moodley

The girls of the under 10 hockey team started the term a little rusty and unfit. However, within no time at all, they were dribbling up a storm on the hockey field. They worked hard during practices to hone their skills and maintain their fitness. Their hard work paid dividends as they experienced some notable performances at the St Patrick’s and New Hanover festivals. The girls displayed real determination and tenacity on the field, never giving up and applying the skills they had learned. Our key phrase was “GO wide!”, and the highlight of the term, was not only the positive results, but also the manner and maturity with which they played each game.


U11 Girls Hockey  

What a season for these Under 11 girls! This is the first age group in hockey that the game heavily depends on tactics as the game introduces short corners which results in a bit more of a structured and fast-paced game.  Our girls did incredibly well, working hard at practices ensuring everyone knew where they had to be on game day.  A few of the Under 10 girls were regularly rotated through our team to help us out as we didn’t have enough players and we thank Mr Moodley and the Under 10’s for being so willing to assist us and hope the girls that helped us enjoyed the games and loved the exposure.  In saying this, I am so proud of our Under 11’s for being able to fight their way to more victories than losses and being so adaptable on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis.  The short corners definitely have a stigma attached to them and the girls all took it in their stride and let very few result in a goal on defence.  I think one of the highlights for the girls was being able to put on a facemask to face these corners and they very diligently learned the ins and outs of how these corners work.  I have thoroughly enjoyed coaching these girls and being a part of their team. Well done girls!


U13 Hockey:  Mrs Michelle Chaperon & Mrs Candice Moodley

What a wonderful term we have had with some of the best fixtures to date. The U13 girls started off the term unsure and unfit but eager to give their all, and they certainly can be proud of their efforts. We were fortunate enough to have many fixtures and with this came more opportunities to better ourselves. The girls played as a team, relying on each other and moving the ball around, particularly when we had the chance to play on AstroTurf. The girls can be commended on their notable performance against Treverton and a touring side from Zimbabwe, as well as during the New Hanover festival, where they played like champions.

The girls never gave up during the challenging times and always finished a match with a positive attitude and good sportsmanship, which will stand them in good stead leading into the start of their soccer term. Both the coaches are very proud of what their team achieved this term and enjoyed a wonderful season of good hockey and good times.



 Mini Rugby – Mrs Candice Botha

Despite the frost and thorns, we have enjoyed a very successful mini rugby season. Our boys managed to hold their own against tough competition, winning most of our games. The Grade Two boys have really improved and the Grade Ones have benefited so much from playing with the slightly more experienced Grade Twos. They are playing as a team and seem to have a much better understanding of the game. Their enthusiasm is tangible and they love their practices and matches. There are some very talented boys in this age group and we look forward to watching them over the next few years.


U9 Rugby –  Mr Mark Chaperon

The boys who represented the school in this age group showed admirable courage throughout their well travelled season. Matches took us to Underberg, Kokstad, Pietermaritzburg and New Hanover and the boys flew the Lynford flag high on all those fields. Their teamwork skills improved all season and, along with their determined running with ball in hand and at times ferocious tackling, they were always competitive. Two memorable fixtures will undoubtedly be the frosty field match against Underberg and their final match against Clarendon. At 5 tries all with only minutes left in the match, the Clarendon team managed to breach our defences one last time to secure the win, but what a match it had been. The skills and courage these boys showed all season bode well for our future teams at Lynford.


U10/U11 Rugby –  Mr Saleem Lifa

The second term has been a fun filled term with both hockey and rugby. I had the pleasure of coaching a mixed u/10 and 11 rugby team, which is a bunch of skillful young boys that are willing to run all day and at the same time enjoying what they do. The boys have had an amazing rugby season and showed lots of competitiveness in all the games that they played. It was good to see how the boys gelled with each other as the ball went from team mate to team mate showing the skills that they learnt at practice. I have to humbly boast that the boys played some attractive rugby, dominated and came out tops in all the games that they were involved in. I am sure that Mr Botha is looking forward to having these boys play for him next year. Lastly, thank you to all the parents that supported the boys this term.


U12/13 Rugby – Mr Tim Botha

Our senior rugby team enjoyed a successful season, winning the large majority of their fixtures and being narrowly beaten by some strong opposition. The 1st IV of 2018 was a relatively small and young side, comprising a large component of U12 players. However, the season was highlighted by some excellent defence and fearless tackling and our boys certainly surprised many of our opposition with their performance on the field. The team was led from the front by Liam Ryland who ended the season as our top try scorer. Michael Warmington proved to be an accurate goal kicker and added many valuable points during the season. Salathiso Zulu and Lisa Sikhosana, playing at flyhalf and centre, proved a handful for the opposition and Lifa Malanda was the pick of our hard working forwards. Perhaps the find of the season was Sibongokuhle Ndlovu, undoubtedly the smallest player on the field in every game, who quickly established himself as a ferocious defender. All in all, our boys played better and better rugby as the season progressed and the experience that our younger players gained bodes well for our 2019 season.



Learners’ Birthdays

A reminder that as a way of making birthdays a special celebration we allow Lynford children to wear civvies to school on the day of their birthday.  If their birthday falls on a Saturday or Sunday they may choose to wear civvies on either the Friday before or Monday after the weekend.  If they have a birthday during holidays they may choose a day either before or after the holiday on which to wear civvies.



A reminder to all pupils and parents – if your child is going into town after school or going to any public venue they are to be dressed in full school uniform (including shoes and socks) or full sport kit (t-shirt, shorts, socks & tackies). On this note, please remember that in 3 the girls will continue to wear the navy school socks.


Past Pupil News

PLEASE would people e-mail any past pupil achievements to us at Lynford so that we can include them in our newsletters. Send them to:


MySchool Supporter Cards

“Our records show that your organisation has raised R337 this term. 48 supporters raised funds for your school.”

We encourage all parents to apply for a My School card with Lynford as your beneficiary.  My School allows you to make a difference just by shopping, because every time you swipe your card at any of their partners (for example: Woolworths, ToysRus, Waltons, Engen, Reggies etc) they’ll make a donation on your behalf to Lynford, at absolutely no cost to you!  Application forms are available from the school reception and if you send in the completed forms to our offices we will forward them to My School on your behalf.

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